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State Medicinal Plants Board- Goa SMPB-Goa provides for promotional activities like resource documentation in-situ conservation, research and development, ex-situ conservation of rare and endangered species, value addition, warehousing, capacity building and training of primary collectors and forest dwellers in good collection and sustainable and harvesting practices etc. In view of the increasing demands of herbal products, it is necessary that the primary production of medicinal plants is augmented and the entire process of collection, processing, storage, trading and marketing is made more efficient. Very often the objectives of biodiversity conservation do not allow commercial harvesting of Medicinal Plants. Thus with the ongoing efforts of biodiversity and wildlife conservation, the natural habitat for medicinal plants may expand but the actual commercial harvesting of medicinal plants from such areas would get shrunk. Cultivation of medicinal plants over non-conservation area such as private land, community land, and waste land will only solve problem of availability of raw material to meet the market demand in future. India has 15 Agroclimatic zones and species of flowering plants of which are estimated to have medicinal usage in folk and documented systems of medicine, like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy.

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Herbal Gardens for Health and Wealth

Overview: Medicinal plants have great importance in India where people regard them as efficacious agents to combat many ailments. In order to impart basic knowledge of medicinal plants in the subject of Pharmacognosy to the students, a herbal garden containing plants of folklore and medicinal importance was established in the GIPS campus in the year with a concrete demarcation boundary of square feet having the provision of shading in square feet area covered with greenhouse open ventilation type grown area, which is surrounded by well-furnished concrete half-wall boundary.

The arrangement is permanent with open ventilation type greenhouse net protection for photosensitive medicinal plants, held together with the concrete boundary and sufficient space for movement of visitors in the gardening area.

Our Institute presently having around 95 kinds of medicinal plants and all are tagged with their scientific and local nomenclature. The demo garden will enhance the interest of the students to identify the medicinal plants and to generate the aptitude for research in herbal medicine and for sustainable development. The densities of plants are proper as per the available area of the garden. The plants are not grown by adopting any specific system, but only certified and authenticated medicinal plants are obtained and grown under the normal environmental conditions by simple plantation procedures.

The plants are maintained periodically by the maintenance staff and proper requirements of essential nutrients such as water; manures etc are procured and supplied from time to time for proper growth of the plants. The soil is alluvial in nature and good for some selected species of medicinal plants, which are from time to time procured and grown in the garden.

The composition of the medicinal plant garden committee: The committee was constituted with the following nominated members and being operational sinceTrishna Das, Asst.

Biren Kalita, Non-teaching staff, Gardener 6. Representatives of students, Member. Facility: Medicinal Plant Garden. Medicinal plants have great importance in India where people regard them as efficacious agents to combat many ailments.

The composition of the medicinal plant garden committee:. The committee was constituted with the following nominated members and being operational sinceEnquiry Details.

Herbal gardens: role in current scenario for ex-situ conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants

Have you ever thought of growing medicinal plants, especially in a school? The students at Our Own School, have their own little garden and we are utilising the extra space to grow medicinal plants. It is said that there are about thousands of medicinal plants useful to human beings and many more are yet to be discovered. Dedicating a space for plants is a great way to educate children about their importance. It is not about the science of gardening but an opportunity for us to learn and grow and to teach us about our responsibility towards nature. The Blumea Eco-Club at the school has planted about 20 precious medicinal plants, known for their invaluable medicinal values. This innovative venture also throws light on the importance of plants in the sustenance of a safe and green world.

Area of herbal garden of the institution is 55 acres. Plantation has been started in 5 acres. Near about medicinal plants have been already planted.

School Herbal Garden ( 25 schools)- NMPB

SMPB has been functioning in Kerala for the past 18 years. The Board consists of official and non-official representatives from various departments and institutions. By utilizing the funds from both Central and State Govt. The Kerala State is a rich repository of plant diversity due to her peculiar phytogeography. The Western Ghats forests, backwater areas, marshes and swamps and the coastal region harbors a wide variety of plant genetic resources of which the medicinal plants constitute an important group. Ethno botanical surveys carried out in different areas of the State brought to light novel information on medicinal plant uses which can be sustainably utilized for the welfare of the people. Medicinal Plants constitute an important component of the plant resource spectrum of Kerala.

Patanjali Herbal Garden

Flavouring your food with fresh herbs from your kitchen garden can beat using prepackaged dry herbs hands down. Also, there is something very simple, satisfying and organic about snipping off just what you need from your garden instead of having to fork out a few bucks per bunch at the market. Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow. Most herbs love the sun, so all you need to get started is a nice, sunny place in your house for them to call home.

Tirupati : The World Environment Day has been celebrated by various institutions and organisations in a befitting manner on Saturday.

Top 10 Medicinal Plants for Indian Homes

It displays around 40 species that are found in high altitude alpine areas in the Indian Himalayan region. It includes many important medicinal herbs also. The park has been divided into four sections. The first section contains species associated with Lord Badrinath, which includes Badri tulsi, Badri ber, Badri tree and sacred tree of Bhojpatra. The second section contains Ashtavarga species, which is a group of eight herbs found in the Himalayan region namely Riddhi, Vriddhi, Jeevak, Rishbhak, Kakoli, Ksheer Kakoli, Maida, and Maha Maida that are the most important ingredients of Chyawanprash.


To popularise the knowledge of Ayurveda among future generations and to conserve commonly available medicinal plants Patanjali Herbal Garden was established. Patanjali Herbal Garden near Patanjali Phase-I has got a huge collections of more than medicinal herbs, shrubs, trees, climbers, aquatic and ornamental plants from all over India. To explore possibilities of a large number of wide collections, exposition and research on medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plants in an organized way the Patanjali Herbal Garden has recently been reorganised and reconstructed for the benefit of Scientific community as well as for the general masses. A team of Scientists from the field of Botany, Ayurveda and Agriculture are engaged in the research and development work here. There are about species of herbs, species of shrubs, 50 species of climbers, 25 species of aquatic and about species of trees are present in this herbal garden. There are 5 artificial caves present in the garden which provides favourable environment for the growth of bryophytes, pteridophytes and orchids. Some caves displays the basic knowledge of Ayurveda through beautiful sculptures, depicting how our ancestors were preparing Ayurvedic medicine like churns, vatis, asavas and bhasmas etc. It also displays different yogasanas, pranayams and mudras through similar sculptures.

of medicinal plant and traditional health service to ethnic communities of neighbouring countries, such as, India. gardens and wastelands.

Herbal Garden – Blumea Eco Club of Govt. Model High School Sector 25 Chandigarh

The collection of herbals in the Institute harbours 1, taxa and covers an area of about 10 acres. It includes many educational features, and considered to be one of the best herbal gardens in the country. The herbal garden also includes collections of Rauvolfia spp. The herbal garden attracts a lot of visitors and it helps them to familiarize with the herbals, its growing requirements, propagation, medicinal utility etc.

Medicinal plants

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The East Municipal Corporation has planned to create a herbal garden with 5, species of medicinal plants on a acre plot in Mandawali. It will add to the green cover of East Delhi. Officials said nature walks for students and residents would be organised in the garden,a first in East Delhi. People will also be able to purchase herbs at a subsidised rate. High-value plant species such as arjuna,amla,mahua,mehndi,neem,tamarind,jamun,baheda,harad and dhera would be grown in the garden.

Make your loved ones back in the bloom of good health again with FlowerAura's exclusive range of medicinal plants. Easy to take care of, these inhibit the growth of microbes and keeps the environment healthy and germ-free.

25 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden

Ramesh Kumar. Corresponding Author E-mail : rameshamar06 gmail. Article Publishing History. Surendra Singh Bargali Article Metrics. PDF Downloads:Download this article as:.

There are more than 80, visitors have visited this garden since the Oct. As per Central Council of Indian Medicine CCIM rules for affiliation of the Postgraduate Ayurvedic courses in the Post Graduate Institute, it should have well established herbal garden more than plant species and more than plants are planted. The Institute imparts education and undertakes research activities for the post graduate students and Ph. D scholars in Ayurveda.

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